“What’s In Your Panties?” Examining Vaginal Freshness, Baby Powder and Ovarian Cancer Risk



Try watching television for any length of time without seeing a commercial for scented or odor masking feminine hygiene products. Viewers young and old are exposed to advertising that references “fresh” and “not so fresh” feelings, urging women to be proactive; to sanitize, clean and essentially fumigate their vaginas–or else.

From douches and powders to suppositories and deodorant sprays, women use a variety of chemical-based products that upset the vagina’s PH balance, creating a breeding-ground for the very odoriferous bacteria no one wants growing down below. Certainly this news has made its rounds. Although many women cling to douches and feminine washes for lack of a better alternative, the most knowledgeable and health-savvy women seek natural alternatives to maintain a comfortable level of cleanliness, health and comfort without using the chemicals that defeat the purpose.



“It can’t hurt to sprinkle a little baby powder…” Baby powder in your panties can lead to ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society provides statistical data about the chances of developing cancer if baby powder travels into the vagina and enters the cervix, uterus, and/or fallopian tubes. And according to Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Daniel Cramer, talc has been causing ovarian cancer for years! Pharmaceutical commercials can be comical with their mile-long lists of possible side-effects, which often include worse symptoms than the initial illness–and can sometimes be fatal! But there’s nothing funny about baby powder. People use it on babies. How many parents ignorantly and innocently dust their little ones’ bottoms with good old Johnson’s baby powder?

Taking responsibility for personal hygiene and freshness is great. But the only responsible way to maintain an organ as intricate as a vagina is to investigate the best possible natural methods you can use to keep yourself fresh without dying an early death because of perineal perfumes. It’s true that the vagina is “self-cleansing” as naturalists assert. However, proper research can lead you to an appropriate routine to guarantee that you feel, smell and even taste 100% fresh at all times.




Rather than following the prompts of a television commercial or a magazine ad, conduct your own vaginal anatomy and pysiology RESEARCH to discover the best products to use. Never use powders and creams to mask an odor. An odor indicates a problem, and a problem shouldn’t be masked; it should be solved. Contrary to advertisements, it’s possible to avoid yeast infections, vaginosis and foul odors altogether. In your research, don’t stop at perfume products. Investigate the tampons, pads, condoms or lubricants that enter or make contact with your vaginal area.

Diet, exercise, water intake and overall health play important roles in vaginal cleanliness, as do sexual activities, soaps, fabrics, and hygiene habits. If a universal solution exists for vaginal freshness, it’s probably found in nature and not advertised on television. Find out what works for others and then develop a routine that works for you. And never put powder in your panties.


Make Them Love You


Want to be a magnet? Is it even possible to be attractive to everyone you encounter? Maybe. But you CAN increase your mojo; your IT factor, and your appeal; right now.

Hopefully you’ve got bigger goals than wooing a member of the opposite sex. Cultivating your inner magnetism can help stimulate your career, your finances, your everyday life, and your personal/social interactions as well. The following list will enable you to sell yourself in business, personal relationships, social settings and more. Here’s how to Make Them Love You.

1. Decide that you’re the best. No one is perfect. However, everyone has something that no one else can imitate. What’s unique about you?

Identify your talents: Pay attention to compliments to determine your strengths, and fine-tune the present version of yourself (hone skills, practice, improve, upgrade). Organize your life so that your activities, conversations and social interactions enable your strengths to shine. For instance, if you’ve EVER been told you have a beautiful smile, start using your smile like a weapon; a disarming, charming magical magnet. Smile even when you’re less than happy. Never be caught without your smile.

Similarly, if you’re great at chess, play chess all the time and hang out with people who appreciate the game. It’s easy to shine when you’re in your element. Great dancer? Humorous personality? Let it shine. Dance at the company party or neighborhood gathering. Make people laugh if you’re good at it. Super clean? Show off and brag about your meticulous housekeeping. Great clothes? Flaunt them. If you have a great body, show it off! Find something great about you, embrace it, publicize it and praise yourself.

To start this new habit immediately, go look in your favorite mirror and make yourself look as appealing as you can. Then say you yourself, I’m glad you are mine. Then reply to yourself, thanks, I agree; you are the best person for me.
If you expect others to gravitate toward you, you’ve got to believe your own hype. Want him to like you? He’ll like you equally as much as you like yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. If you’re not totallyin love with you, start correcting that right now.

If you’re waiting for your boss to be impressed by your work, impress yourself and everything will fall into place. Are youimpressed with yourself? If not, do something about it now.

2. Be busy. It’s okay to dream of a promotion, college acceptance letter or a date with that special someone. But dreaming alone won’t work without action. What are the qualifications for getting into that great position, or school, or relationship? Have you done the work? Preparation is the key to seizing your moment of opportunity.

Suppose your boss is considering promoting you. Show him or her why you’re a great investment. Hinting and askingfor what you want is only the first step. But to earn any substantial promotion, opportunity or relationship, you’ve got to be seen doing a damn good job, repeatedly, with a passion.If you want to feel beautiful, religiously attend to your personal upkeep and walk the walk of the attractive, successful, motherly, fatherly, wifely, husbandly or scholarly role you desire.

Go the extra mile. Look great every dayas opposed to being lazy on occasion. Work hardeven when no one is looking. If you know exactly what you want, you should be busyall the time; setting or accomplishing new goals, evaluating and upgrading, maintaining and planning. What’s more appealing; a bustling restaurant with steady business or a quiet establishment with no customers; just a bored staff, sitting around waiting for the phone to ring; waiting for a customer to walk in?

Busy is always better. If you don’t know what to get busydoing, see our article about setting goals, (click here to set goals).

Since the majority of our readers request relationship advice, we will reiterate the above advice for their benefit. Busy is better. Never be too available. If you don’t have a lifeoutside of work and family, try to establish one. No one thinks it’s interesting that you sit around waiting for their call. At least pretendto be busy. Moving on…

3. Be consistent. Anyone can act a certain way, but consistency separates the real from the fake. Everyone behaves when the situation is new, but how long can a habitually tardy person beat the clock? Usually not very long. Always be consistent in your efforts, attitude and demeanor. Just be yourself and you won’t have to worry.

Make sure that being yourself includes mastering certain virtues like good manners, promptness, discipline and character. After you’ve become comfortable consistently putting your best foot forward, everyone around you will be convinced that you’re pretty great.

4. Be mysterious (a little). No boss, coworker, friend, or potential romantic partner needs to know every single detail about your past, present and future. Are we advising you to habitually lie to make yourself look good? Absolutely not. We do believe that honesty is the best policy. However, learn to use honesty carefully with discretion.

Don’t tell your supervisor or boss your personal business. If you’ve already started sharing too much, just stop! Business and personal conversations should NOT intertwine unless you’re counting on being promoted via a relationshiprather than your skills and abilities. Be loyal to yourself! Don’t expose your deepest and darkest secrets to anyone unless you are paying for a therapy session. Yes, people need to vent and express their feelings. Wisely find a neutral party; perhaps a stranger in whom you can confide…only for the sake of getting advice.

Like it or not, people judge each other based on what they know,so do you really want to spill your guts and reveal your weaknesses to a person you want to impress? Take care of yourself emotionally, but do so in a private manner. Relationships and work situations are competitiveand very judgementalatmospheres. Don’t show your hand! Honesty is the best policy; but save your revealinghonesty for last; once you’ve reached the top and no one can deem you weak or unreliable.

5. Maintain the utmost confidence. It’s easy to be confident when you’ve got goals that you can complete one by one; when you’re focused on your future and busy making your visions a reality. Look your best and always give your absolute best performance, no matter what the stage.

The key to confidence is knowing who you are, where you’re going and exactly when you plan to get there. Picture yourself handling your business, climbing the ladders of achievement and success; deeply involved in your ideal social and romantic relationships. Then be grateful that you’re focused and motivated. When you live your life with this kind of purpose and focus, you’ll be so confident and magnetic that people will be drawn to you. Opportunities will come to you! People will approach you and become instantly engaged and attracted. And if anyone doesn’t love and admire or approve of you, you won’t even notice.

An Introduction to Neotantric Sex by Kami Redd


Sexual rituals of the ancients shed light on the hidden power of the sexual life force.

Neotantra is known to most as Tantric Sex.  Anyone who follows P-Diddy on Twitter remembers when he went on a 72-hour tantric sex marathon. We hear about tantra from sexperts, therapists, & sex enthusiasts, but what is it?Tantra is a Sanskrit (ancient Hindu language) word that means to weave energy, specifically Yin (female) and Yang (male) energy, between two lovers. Tantra is a spiritual, sexual science that has many different aspects of spirituality and sexuality included in its broad definition. Investigating tantric sex can be helpful to people who want to learn to manipulate sexual energy and experience greater dimensions of satisfaction during their intimate experiences.

Tantra is based on the principle that the greatest source of energy in the universe is sexual. Tantra can improve intimate communication and enhance a relationship that has lost its sizzle and spice.  For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs; for men it can open up a completely new world to intimacy.  For couples, it’s an opportunity to create a more meaningful, intimate, and spiritual connection.

The practice of Tantra shows us how to reclaim our sexual intimacy. The ancients believed that sexual intimacy is a form of worshiping and loving each other.  Sex is a spiritual act, whether the participants are spiritually aware or not. Tuning in to the spiritual side of intimacy through this most ancient of arts, we discover true erotic joy, expanding mere moments of sexual ecstasy into a lifestyle of erotic bliss. Tantra takes you down a spiritual path to enlightenment through the heightening and prolonging of each intimate act, providing a superior awareness and connectedness that only increases between lovers along the journey.

Ancient civilizations knew the spiritual significance of sex.

Ancient civilizations knew the spiritual significance of sex.

At a time when the stresses, fears and distractions of daily life threaten so many relationships, the practice of Tantra shows us how to open our hearts and minds to the powerful and supernatural energy harnessed in our sexuality. Tantra is the total surrender of all mental, emotional and cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy flows freely. Tantra not only expands consciousness, it liberates it. It’s about making the sexual experience playful, yet with awareness and a sense of sacredness in every gesture, every sensory perception, and every action.

Ritualized intercourse and sexual meditations are used to awaken your ultimate bliss. For instance, an ideal tantric sexual encounter may begin with a tantric sex massage and conscious sensual touch. Breathing and meditation play an important part in disciplining the body to become aware of the energy produced during sexual excitement. Both partners are intentionally focused and conscious of the rising energy, and pace themselves accordingly to maximize the effect. Intercourse may happen very slowly and carefully thereafter.

Most  people engage in orgasm-focused sex, where energy is ignored and the only goal is the eventual release, but Tantra instructs lovers on how to slow down, prolong the experience, control the sexual energy and ultimately feel energized and empowered afterward. Ironically, people get into the habit of rushing toward orgasm, but orgasms are drastically improved by consciously slowing down.  Many couples habitually stimulate themselves to the point of orgasm, then withdraw to heighten their endurance, and allow the energy to continually build and collect.

Ancient Egyptians and Indian medicine teaches that sexual orgasm is a cosmic and divine experience. Sex was a spiritual ritual, quite a contrast to the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am image of sexual activity that exists today.  The art of prolonging the bliss seems foreign in a microwave culture where men are praised for carelessly switching partners for meaningless, minute-long encounters. The study of Tantra takes us back to the roots of sex and spirituality, reminding us that sex is an act of not just the body, but also the mind and the soul.

The Karma Sutra, a popular Sanskrit sex manual,  describes the increased ecstasy that couples can experience through tantra; when a man pleasures his partner by prolonging intercourse and becoming suspended in his state of climax without actually ejaculating.  Instead of having one huge orgasm, he has many small ones without ejaculating. This can be achieved through controlling the breath, meditation, and by using finger pressure.

investigating Tanta is a great way to bond with your partner while adding variety to your sex life. Tantra helps heal emotional wounds as well as physical ailments.

Investigating Tanta is a great way to bond with your partner while adding variety to your sex life. Tantra helps heal emotional wounds as well as physical ailments.

Even if you have a great sex life and a balanced libido, free tantric sex tips can help you to enjoy even greater pleasure.  They can also help those who have sexual issues to overcome. Manipulating the sexual energy of your body through the use of meditation, deep breathing and other tantric techniques can help heal past wounds and free you to enjoy a healthy sex life.


Here are some tips for bonding with your lover and reinvigorating your sex life through the magic of tantra.

• Sit opposite each other, very close, as if you were about to kiss. As one of you breathes out, the other breathes in, so you inhale each other’s breath.

• Have one partner lie down comfortably and blindfolded, and the other partner gently stimulates the skin with a feather. Don’t go straight for the genitals but don’t avoid them either.  In Tantra, the whole body is a powerful sexual organ.

• Try Yoga for Lovers. This is a great way to do your favorite yoga postures, while enjoying intimacy and sensuality with your partner.

• Try the Shakti dance.  Put on some music and let your body just go where it wants.  Feel free, don’t go with the beat of the music, and go with what is happening in your body.  Really move your hips and your face and arms.  Let your mouth drop open and allow sound come out of it. You can do this alone or with your partner. While the whole body is moving freely and ecstatically, the feet stay firmly on the ground so that you can feel that the life energy you generate radiates through your body.

• Prolong your sexual encounter by making sure you caress every part of your partner before focusing attention on the genital area. Stroke and caress your partner’s head, back, arms, legs and their feet.  Ask them what you can do or say to make them feel nurtured and loved.

• The ears are a secret erogenous zone.  Gently massage your lover’s ears with your fingertips, working your way down the outer fold.  You can use your finger, tongue, or a mixture of both.

• Slip berries or a piece of mango back and forth between your mouths is one of the greatest free tantric sex tips. Immediate intimacy and sensuality are the result of this trick.

• Give your lover’s genitals a massage in the way you would massage other parts of their body.  It is often easy to just get someone off.  Really, take the time to caress and nurture their genitals in a loving way.

Interested in engaging in tantric sex with your loved one? Research the subject to find out what techniques, tips, classes, literature or bedroom toys would best compliment your sex life. Then talk to your partner about Tantra. As you begin the spiritual and sexual journey with your loved one, remember that confidence is key. Never do anything to make your partner feel pressured or uncomfortable. The key to Tantra is pacing. Pace yourself and enjoy a lifetime of bliss with your partner.

A Double Dose of Sex by Randy Anderson

Sex; so powerful that it’s the primary ingredient in advertising.

Sex is everywhere. It’s on billboards, perfume commercials, and music videos. It’s walking down the street in the form of soft, perky cleavage and voluptuous asses. It’s hard to avoid thinking about sex unless you live in a cave. But somehow, people manage to avoid talking about sex, when communication is key to a healthy, uninhibited sexual life and the fulfillment everyone desires.

WHO ARE YOU? Figuring out your sexual orientation, preferences, tendencies, desires, fantasies, likes and dislikes is key to healthy sexuality. Sigmund Freud theorized that most people are sexually repressed; hiding or denying their sexual wants and needs because of a real or implied limitation placed upon them by society.  Although this theory hasn’t been proven, Freud also believed that sexual repression causes mental and physical illness. Many of today’s psychologists disagree with Freud’s insights. However, studies have shown that stress and anxiety are the leading causes of disease. Does sexual repression cause stress and anxiety? Yes it does!

Sexual identity is your public sexual persona. Sexual orientation is who you are behind closed doors.

Sexual orientation can vary over a broad range of possibilites. Most people are familiar with homosexuality, bisexuality, and  transexuality,  but asexuality, or having no sexual attraction to either gender, receives little publicity. For this reason, many asexual people are living in frustration and confusion, not knowing who they are.

Homosexuality, once taboo, is now accepted, openly acknowledged, and therefore more popular. Understanding your distinct sexual orientation is key to your happiness and healthy sexual life. Although studies show that most adolescents know their sexual orientation, each person is different. It is never too late to get in touch with your true nature. Is it possible that you’ve been wrongly identifying as heterosexual? Can’t stand sex? Are you asexual?

Many people confuse sexual orientation with sexual identity. Millions of people identify themselves as heterosexual, yet they enjoy fantasies or relationships in homosexual contexts. Others have incomplete sexual identities; they lack the experience needed to define what they enjoy. For instance, housewives around the country, after becoming aroused by the sado masochism found in the popular book, Fifty Shades of Grey, are re-evaluating their own sexual identities in light of having “experienced” certain fetishes through the book. As the book’s title implies, not everything is black and white.


After reading Fifty Shades of Grey, many women “realized” they wanted to be spanked.

WHAT DO YOU LIKE? When you ask yourself what you like, make sure to remove all censors. From an early age, human beings are taught to repress sexual desires, so many people, upon becoming sexually free, realize that their lists of desires is basically pg-13; stolen from movie and romance novel images. The best way to determine what you truly like is by spending time with yourself; and not just thinking.

Fantasize. Think of the perfect scenario that instantly turns you on. For some people, it’s a romantic night on the beach. For others, it’s a rape scene in a dark parking lot! Whatever image gets you going, go with it! File it away in your sexual database to excite yourself on demand. Then share it with your partner when you feel comfortable. You never know; your fantasy could come true!


Explore your fantasies in a safe environment.

Masturbation is a very personal aspect of life, that is debated by many people. Too much masturbation can apparently cause problems. But like everything else, in balance, masturbation can be helpful to promoting better sexual experiences and deeper knowledge of your body and mind. Mastubation, performed in private, comes with no insecurity or anxiety. If you’re a seasoned masturbator, you know exactly what to do to please yourself. This knowledge is useful in that it helps you direct your sexual partners toward a pleasurable end result. Pay attention to fantasies and thoughts that stimulate you during masturbation. This will help identify what you like.

Watching pornography or other sexual films can also shed light on what kind of stimulation, fantasies or scenarios excite your body and mind. Studies show that America is the most porn-watching country in the world. Women watch. Men watch. Even teenagers watch porn. In the right hands, pornography is a tool of sexual education that can help enhance your sexual life. Although it can lead to addictions and extra expense, porn, in moderation, can inspire, entertain, and educate.


Pornography is a great resource for stimulation as well as education.

WHAT ARE YOU LEARNING? Talk to your friends about the things they like! Trusted friends can be a good source of information about sex. If Christina already tried the new rabbit toy and loved it, there’s a chance you might also enjoy that model. Likewise, if Brad brags about all his bedroom tricks, what’s the harm in trying some of them yourself? Pay attention to the horror stories you hear in the locker-room at the gym.  Don’t repeat the mistakes your friends make.

Reading about sex can help make you more knowledgeable about yourself, your future or present partner, and society in general. Although Cosmopolitan magazine is considered the mainstream authority on sex, there are other, less commercial, less romanticized sources of information. And not every man or woman is the same. Read articles about sexuality whenever possible. You never know where you’ll find a piece of information you can use.

Are you one of the millions of frustrated women who are searching for that elusive first orgasm during intercourse? Some men aren’t aware that the average woman has never had an orgasm during sex. Do some research to find out what’s keeping you or your partner from achieving the pleasure so many enjoy.

Need inspiration? Explore fantasy stories, erotic videos, sexual tutorials and more. Study sex like a horny adolescent and before you know it, you’ll be energized with confidence and ready to reach new heights in the bedroom. You’ll know what you like; and so will anyone who spends time in your bed.


Few people have love marathons in lavish mansions on silk sheets like the characters in romance novels. Don’t expect what you’ve seen on television to happen at home.

Romance novels are great for creating false images of hour-long love-making in the Caribbean breeze. But real life is different. Read something with useful knowledge. See what your favorite sites say about having a great sex life. Find the Karma Sutra and learn how its information may benefit your life. Do everything you can to prepare yourself for an enjoyable sex life; read about how the foods you eat and drink affect your sexuality. Learn what exercises and stretches help keep you in tip-top shape for bedroom play.


Take time to find out who you are, what you want, and how to get it.

WHAT DO YOU NEED? Does your current partner fit the bill? Many times, people engage in relationships without considering sexual compatibility. Is there a genuine physical chemistry between your partner and yourself? If you can barely stand to look at your partner, if he or she makes you angry and you hate to see their face, you’re in the wrong relationship. Do you have a healthy desire to be intimate with your partner?

What would you love for your partner to do? Think of the ideal night. Then discuss it with your partner. Help set the atmosphere to make sure you’re comfortable. Confidence is key.

It’s easier to talk about your fantasies in a non-sexual environment. Discuss your wishes and wants during a stress-free, relaxed time. Too shy? You’ve got to come out of your shell! If nothing else, write your partner a note. Show him or her a video that depicts your favorite type of action. Let him or her know what you want. If your idea is rejected, and you believe you can do better, move on to a new partner and try it with someone else!


Discuss your sexual desires, hangups and/or favorite things in a stress-free environment outside of the bedroom.

Do you need a dark environment to feel sexy? Do you need candlelight or music? Perhaps you’re quite the opposite. If you need sex on the living-room floor on the way to the market, let your partner know. If you’d like to do it in the office bathroom on your lunchbreak, see if your partner’s up for it. Always be willing to communicate your needs. If you don’t they’ll never be met. Sexual partners should be understanding and open to safe, new adventures. If that doesn’t describe your current partner, keep looking!

Sexual trends and topics change over time. From toys to tantric tactics, there’s always someone trying something new. Pleasure parties are becoming more common. People are diving head-first into polyamory and other non-traditional lifestyles. Sexual activities are starting to be more accepted and in some cases, community based! Don’t be the only person who doesn’t capitalize on the new era of increased sexual freedom.


Sex toys are increasing in popularity and becoming less taboo.

WHAT’s HOLDING YOU BACK? Celibacy (abstaining from sex) and monogamy (one sex partner only) are common practices, and many religious people have trouble exploring their sexuality while adhering to these principles. If your religion dictates that you should remain a virgin until marriage, abstain from oral or homosexual sex, and never touch your own private parts for pleasure, then by all means, explore your options within those guidelines. But for those who don’t aim to meet religious standards, the healthiest sexual lives are the ones in which there is no closet, no hidden desires, no condemnation and no guilt.

Most religions adamantly condemn homosexuals, but church leaders are often caught indulging in the pleasures of homosexuality; sometimes with children.

Some people are sexually repressed because of past abuse. If you’ve been physically or sexually abused, regardless of how you think it affected you, it’s an area of your life that required healing before you can enjoy life to the fullest. Whatever your method, whether it’s counseling, prayer, sex therapy or a conversation with a trusted friend, it’s your responsibility to identify your scars, have them treated, and healed. Many people hide their past abuse, never acknowledging it to another soul, and believing that it will go away, and then wonder why they can’t find satisfaction in their intimate relationships. Don’t let the past block you from enjoying a fulfilling sexual life.

Common issues that require healing include rape, sexual abuse, incest, molestation, and more. If you’re hiding an issue of rape, abuse, incest or the like, it’s time to stop hiding. Find someone who you can talk about the issue with. If not, at least research the issue and its consequences. Diagnose yourself! Find a way to get out of the hurt, repressed and guilty place.


Don’t settle for meaningless conquests when you could be missing the mind-blowing intimacy your soul craves.

Many people try to experience earth-shattering sex without covering the basics first. Great sex involves emotionally stable and available people, the perfect physical and psychological setting, and the willingness to experiement with pleasure in a non-judgemental environment. If you think you’re having great sex in the back of your Chevrolet, with Donna, whom you just met last night, you’re missing out.

Meaningless flings shouldn’t even qualify as sex. Orgasm is only part of the experience. Real sex is great from beginning to end, and it usually happens in relationships that are open and free, with very few secrets and/or insecurities.

By this day and age, virtually everyone knows that sex is about more than “just laying there” and that “missionary isn’t all there is…” The hard part is digging though all the junk and hurts and secrets of our pasts, letting go of all the shame, shyness and self-consciousness, to explore ourselves and one another like never before.  Women want more fulfillment, while men want sex with greater frequency and variety. Somewhere in the middle, common ground exists.