“What’s In Your Panties?” Examining Vaginal Freshness, Baby Powder and Ovarian Cancer Risk



Try watching television for any length of time without seeing a commercial for scented or odor masking feminine hygiene products. Viewers young and old are exposed to advertising that references “fresh” and “not so fresh” feelings, urging women to be proactive; to sanitize, clean and essentially fumigate their vaginas–or else.

From douches and powders to suppositories and deodorant sprays, women use a variety of chemical-based products that upset the vagina’s PH balance, creating a breeding-ground for the very odoriferous bacteria no one wants growing down below. Certainly this news has made its rounds. Although many women cling to douches and feminine washes for lack of a better alternative, the most knowledgeable and health-savvy women seek natural alternatives to maintain a comfortable level of cleanliness, health and comfort without using the chemicals that defeat the purpose.



“It can’t hurt to sprinkle a little baby powder…” Baby powder in your panties can lead to ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society provides statistical data about the chances of developing cancer if baby powder travels into the vagina and enters the cervix, uterus, and/or fallopian tubes. And according to Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Daniel Cramer, talc has been causing ovarian cancer for years! Pharmaceutical commercials can be comical with their mile-long lists of possible side-effects, which often include worse symptoms than the initial illness–and can sometimes be fatal! But there’s nothing funny about baby powder. People use it on babies. How many parents ignorantly and innocently dust their little ones’ bottoms with good old Johnson’s baby powder?

Taking responsibility for personal hygiene and freshness is great. But the only responsible way to maintain an organ as intricate as a vagina is to investigate the best possible natural methods you can use to keep yourself fresh without dying an early death because of perineal perfumes. It’s true that the vagina is “self-cleansing” as naturalists assert. However, proper research can lead you to an appropriate routine to guarantee that you feel, smell and even taste 100% fresh at all times.




Rather than following the prompts of a television commercial or a magazine ad, conduct your own vaginal anatomy and pysiology RESEARCH to discover the best products to use. Never use powders and creams to mask an odor. An odor indicates a problem, and a problem shouldn’t be masked; it should be solved. Contrary to advertisements, it’s possible to avoid yeast infections, vaginosis and foul odors altogether. In your research, don’t stop at perfume products. Investigate the tampons, pads, condoms or lubricants that enter or make contact with your vaginal area.

Diet, exercise, water intake and overall health play important roles in vaginal cleanliness, as do sexual activities, soaps, fabrics, and hygiene habits. If a universal solution exists for vaginal freshness, it’s probably found in nature and not advertised on television. Find out what works for others and then develop a routine that works for you. And never put powder in your panties.


Eat For Your Lives!!!!


We are what we eat. It sounds like a cliché, but did you know that kidney beans actually help protect your kidneys? If not, you’ve got a lot to learn about food and nutrition, and you’re not alone.

The average American consumes cancer-causing foods every single day! Now is the time to learn about what exactly you’re feeding yourself and your family. Everyone knows that fast food causes illness over the long run, but what foods are good for the body? And what results will we experience upon adding them to our diets?

1. Celery contains the calcium we need to maintain bone strength, which will help us avoid osteoporosis later in life. Dip some celery into peanut butter daily, instead of eating fatty, cholesterol-laden potato chips and cookies.

2. Sweet potatoes are great for the pancreas. If you have diabetes, or cook for someone who does, make sweet potatoes a part of your weekly menu! It could work wonders for their health. The American Diabetes Association lists sweet potatoes as one of its superfoods. Sweet potatoes lower blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. Just be sure not to drench them in refined, white sugar, which is toxic!!!!

3. Blueberries help keep us mentally sharp! They help to preserve the memory and they are also excellent for the skin, hair and nails.

4. Instead of iceberg lettuce, substitute spinach in your salads and on your sandwiches. Not only does spinach taste better raw, it also gives you the highest possible dosage of vitamin c and beta carotene in its uncooked state. Its vitamin K is good for the cardiovascular system, while its iron gives us the energy we need without the accompanying fat found in meat.



5. Go nuts for pistachios. Instead of hard candy or gum, busy your mouth with this heart-friendly nut, which contains fiber and is the least caloric of all nuts. This nut will lower your cholesterol!



6. Salmon and sardines. These two fish contain the famous omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart from heart disease. If you’re highly budget-conscious, choose sardines in the can! Not only are they cheap and ready-to-eat, but their tiny, tasty bones contain calcium, too!

7. Oatmeal! Easy to prepare for breakfast, oatmeal is a warm and soothing comfort food that truly does a body good. It lowers blood sugar, provides fiber, and is easily upgraded with fresh fruits or berries. Stock up on this inexpensive, superfood staple.

Oatmeal makes you feel great; physically and emotionally! Top it with fruit for an added dose of nutrition.

Oatmeal makes you feel great; physically and emotionally! Top it with fruit for an added dose of nutrition.

8. Apples reduce the risk of cancer! Isn’t that enough reason to have an apple a day? Be sure to wash fruit thoroughly to avoid contaminants.

9. Cabbage is a super-green! Everyone knows the benefits of leafy, green vegetables, but few know that adding two servings of cabbage to your diet each week reduces your colon cancer risk by 66 percent. Cabbage also purifies the blood, kills viruses and kills bacteria.


10. In a world filled with germs and viruses, let garlic and onion be your immune system’s bodyguards. Both garlic and onion are antiviral, antibacterial, an antifungal, making them essential to warding off the influenza virus and other common ailments before we become infected.

It’s time to eat for life, not just for taste. We indulge in pizza, burgers, fries, greasy chicken, deep fried potato skins and pork rinds without giving a thought to the cancer and heart disease that processed and fried foods cause. Many of us consume cups and cups of sugar each day in the form of sodas, kool aid and other dangerously sweet, artificially fruit-flavored drinks.


If you eat these foods regularly, you are committing suicide.

If you truly love yourself and your family, take charge of your menu and start healing your bodies with the superfoods that have been grown and used medicinally for centuries before we were even born. So the Twinkie was banned; be glad, because foods like Twinkies, although they are not an actual food, are cancer-causing killers that we should never train out children to love.